Flux Pavilion

Steez Promo Presents

Flux Pavilion

Dion Timmer, Dubloadz, Kompany, The Banditz

Fri · May 31, 2019

9:00 pm

$25 - $35

This event is 18 and over

Flux Pavilion
Flux Pavilion
Dubstep DJ & producer from Towcester, UK.
Co-founder of Circus Records (5), along with Doctor P and DJ Swan-E.
Also known as Bubbles, Josh Extravaganza and Eff-Pea.
Drummer in local Indie/Rock band Real Rabitzkin.

Has released Drum & Bass under other guises, as well as on his first Flux Pavilion release. Referred to his Dubstep releases as "The Darker Side Of Flux Pavilion" and has a separate page for his Drum & Bass and Dubstep productions.
Dion Timmer
Dion Timmer
Bright glowing lights shine through dark and hazy atmospheres in the futuristic world of Dion Timmer, an artist whose roots in the Netherlands' rave scene have helped define his uniquely colorful approach to modern bass music.

After discovering dubstep at the early age of 10, Dion became inspired to develop his own production style, featuring blissed-out chord progressions, pitched-up vocals, and faster tempos alongside aggressive and highly technical sound design.
Venue Information:
2135 Queens Chapel Road NE
Washington, DC, 20018